Product and Money Returns

Return products

Important The store does not bear any responsibility for any damage or damage caused to the product by the customer himself when opening his package, the customer has the opportunity if and if he wishes to open the package and ensure the integrity of the product within of our stores. DOA / DAP

The store provides consumers with the guarantee of replacement of any defective product purchased by us, when certain conditions are met.


If you purchased a product which due to a manufacturing error could not be started from the beginning, it is automatically labeled DOA or “DeadOnArrival”, which means that the device never switched on. If you bought a device that was put into operation but then during the next 7 days showed symptoms of serious malfunction, then the device is referred to as DAP, ie “Dead After Purchase” which means that the device stopped working within a reasonable time in specified (or proposed) by the manufacturer. In any case (D.A.P. or D.O.A.) the official Service Center of each product is fully competent to decide if it needs replacement or repair. PROCEDURES The certified procedures we follow as a store are in harmony with the official procedures followed by the manufacturers and the respective official points of sale worldwide. So if you buy from us a device that unfortunately falls under the above then you should first inform us by phone or send us an email to register the problem and direct you to be on time (calendar) how to provide it of the special limited Warranty. Also for your own best service you should take the following seriously: · The right of withdrawal can be exercised within fourteen (14) calendar days from the receipt of the product by you or the person you have indicated if the contract has been concluded remotely, so that it is considered timely and does not need any additional justification from you. must be in its original condition and the protective tapes as well as the safety tapes as well as any gifts, accompanying products and materials have not been removed.

-The withdrawal request can be sent directly electronically or by registered letter to our Company or you can submit it with your own within the Headquarters of our company. In addition, you are obliged to return the goods, without undue delay and definitely within 14 calendar days from the day on which you announced to us your decision to withdraw from the contract. We inform you that in case of exercising the right of withdrawal, you will be charged with the cost of returning the goods. In case of return of goods that by their nature can not normally be returned by post, the cost determined by the transport company you choose may be high.

– If you withdraw from this contract, we will refund all money we receive from you, including delivery costs (excluding additional costs due to your choice to use a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method we offer). In case of valid exercise of the right of withdrawal, a condition for the return of the full price is that the product is in its original condition, that the protective tapes have not been removed and that all accessories, any gifts, accompanying products and materials are included. It is pointed out that the consumer should manage each product, which he receives in the way that he would manage and would examine it in a physical store, in order to ascertain its nature, characteristics and function. Managing a product that is different from the description above will not be accepted. In any case where the product is not judged to have been returned in accordance with the above, the amount to be withheld by the company amounts to 55% of the price paid by the customer. This percentage can be higher than 55% of the price if the product has completely lost its value due to ill-treatment by the consumer. In any such case where the full price is not refunded, you will be informed before the credit and refund process is completed. Following the withdrawal statement and if you send back the products the company will return the money received (or part of them in case the products are not in their original condition or their value has decreased) without undue delay and definitely within 14 days from day we will be informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract. We have the right to delay the refund until we receive the goods back or until you provide proof that you have returned the goods, whichever comes first. We will perform the above refund using the same means of payment that you used for the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. Please be informed, first of all, about the scope of this special provision (DAP / DOA) of the device you are interested in. Each Manufacturer defines (or proposes) in a different way the specific time period and it may differ from Company to Company. Usually this period includes only a few days or even a maximum time of using the device. All standard procedures we follow for (DAP / DOA) apply to all consumers without exception. In no case do we have the right to act arbitrarily or to act in a discriminatory or selective manner towards a portion of consumers contrary to the instructions or in violation of the terms of each manufacturer. Any decision on whether a specific device is covered by the warranty or not (DAP / DOA), is taken by the official technical department of each manufacturer in our country. In no case is it recognized (DAP / DOA) unless there is a corresponding official written reminder from the technical department. The time required for this control, depends exclusively on them, taking into account (and by law) the minimum possible inconvenience to the consumer and for any delay in it, the store bears absolutely no responsibility . The store in no case replaces a product with a corresponding or different or returns money to any consumer if the relevant technical inspection is not performed by the official service center and if there is no written proof from the manufacturer that the DAP / DOA is valid . Any objections, objections, disagreements on the part of the consumer should be notified first of all to us and consequently to the competent technical control department as well as to the competent Consumer Protection Department of the Ministry of Development. EXCEPTIONS The special limited DAP / DOA warranty does not apply if: The fault proves to be the fault of the consumer with an official document from the official technical department of the manufacturer (regarding the warranty regarding the fault of the consumer, you can refer to the general warranty terms of our store). The device is not accompanied by the box and all its accessories (eg battery, booklet, handsfree, charger, etc.). The period of validity of the Guarantee, which is proved between the confrontation of the receipt (or invoice) of purchase and the receipt of receipt from our store to be checked, is calendarized. For cases that are excluded from the current legislation and case law, such as products that have been made for you to your own specifications, services that have already been performed, products that are not suitable for return for health reasons, programs and software that have been unsealed, etc. If your device has not been purchased from our store or if the unique IMEI Number clearly stated on the purchase document is not the same as the device you provide. If for any reason you have any additional questions regarding the terms or conditions of the DAP / DOA warranty, please contact us so that we can inform you. In any case, we are committed that with responsibility and seriousness, we provide you with high quality products and services, in accordance with the strictest standards and quality controls of the global market. There is no right of withdrawal in case of concluding the contract in the physical store.

Our products leave our facilities in excellent condition and in case you see the packaging damaged or damaged please do not accept because we do not accept changes due to problems that may have been caused by the transport of the product (packaging damage). By receiving the product you can assume that it is in excellent condition.

Caution: All Apple devices are not subject to a DOA procedure